IEC 61439 / EN 61439
IEC 61439 / EN 61439
IEC 61439 / EN 61439

Guide 61439 simplifies design and assembly of distribution boards according to IEC 61439/ EN 61439

There is a precise conformity on the content of the new Standard 61439 in the IEC and EN world of standards. Consequently this document uses the writing IEC 61439 / EN 61439 in the following. 

With this portal, HENSEL supports you to implement the requirements of
IEC 61439 / EN 61439 from the first step - collecting all project data - via the design of standard-complying HENSEL distribution board systems, up to the provision of the necessary design verification and routine test verification.

Here you will find:

  • Checklists and forms
  • Configurator ENYGUIDE design software
  • ONLINE calculation tool 
    for the verification of the permissible temperature rise
  • Instructions for determining design values (InA, Inc, ICW)
  • Technical data 

IEC 61439 / EN 61439 - New tasks and responsibilities for the electrician

IEC 61439 / EN 61439

IEC 61439 / EN 61439 shows how a low-voltage switchgear assembly, which is safe for the user, can be built. In addition to changes affecting the design of an assembly, the manufacturer of a switchgear assembly is faced with new tasks and responsibilities. 
Defines which documents belong to a low-voltage switchgear assembly and which verifications need to be maintained. Makes statements regarding the rating of the assembly so that a design verification can be maintained. 

Guide 61439 for the practice: 5 steps to a standard-conforming switchgear assembly

The guide lists the process of design, assembly and documentation of a low-voltage switchgear assembly in the order of the necessary steps and at the same time assigns to these steps the relevant sections from the standard
IEC 61439 / EN 61439. 
The application of the guide is focused on the manufacturing of distribution boards up to 630 A and in addition to checklists and instructions regarding the verification of compliance with the maximum temperature rise. 

Step 1: Collecting all the project data

Step 2: Assembly design and design verification

Step 3: Assembly / manufacture of the distribution board

Step 4: Manufacturer's marking

Step 5: Declaration of EC conformity (check lists for the manufacturer of an assembly)

HENSEL, as the system manufacturer, supports panel builders with this guide to design and assemble safe low-voltage switchgear assemblies according to IEC 61439 / EN 61439.

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