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Philipp C. Hensel

Dear reader,

Imagine a perfectly planned electrical installation, preferably fully digital, in 3D and harmonised with the other trades in the building. Everything is ready, it just has to be installed.

This is what the brave new world of building design should look like. But the day to day reality on the construction site is far from this vision. Of course, proper planning is important, but all too often one thing is needed above all else: Flexibility.

Making life easier for you as an electrician has always been the guiding principle of our development work. Our new flexible cable junction boxes for explosion-protected areas have also been developed with this in mind. They transfer the advantages of the well-known HENSEL box to this demanding application. In order to do justice to this sensitive environment, we offer the product as a system solution including the matching cable glands. This guarantees you and your

customer the highest degree of safety.

But as always: see for yourself! The products are available immediately.

Philipp C. Hensel
Managing Director
Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG


New cable junction boxes for Ex zones

Requirements can change quickly. The solution: Flexible products for construction sites

Electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres, or Ex zones for short, require specially tested products in accordance with European Directive 2014/34/EU. Electrical specialists must select suitable equipment taking the operational environment into account.
It goes without saying that this equipment must meet the necessary quality requirements for Ex zones.

At the same time, however, it can also be used flexibly and be adapted to the many challenges present on construction sites.
With modern terminal technology and variable cable entry, it is possible to meet multiple on-site requirements using just a few versions of the product.

Our solution

KX Series cable junction boxes with flexible product features adapt to the diverse, changing requirements on site.

Equipment selection for Ex zones: What requirements do cable junction boxes need to comply with?

As well as being suitable for Ex zones, the operational conditions of use, actual requirements and influences on the equipment must be taken into account. Approx. 80% of all electrical installations in Ex zones are within Zone 2 or 22. Here, construction sites can present a challenge, whether due to other installations or because the site owner changes things at short notice. If a cable junction box cannot be adjusted flexibly on site, for example if more cables need to enter and be terminated than originally planned, it can be a complex process to find and procure an alternative. This costs time and money.


Challenges in Ex-zones: Function and safety

Equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres must be procured and operated in such a way that no potential ignition hazards arise in operational conditions, for example by:

- Avoiding electrostatic charge
- Limiting surface temperatures
- Protecting against ingress of flammable and/or conductive dusts

Schematic representation of the Ex zones

Challenges in Ex-zones: Flexibility on the construction site

Installation example

Installation example 1:
Spontaneous order extension - an additional socket must be connected. Now more cable entries are needed in the enclosure. The pre-installed screw fittings are not sufficient.

Installation example

Installation example 2:
More cables have to be inserted and connected per pole than planned. There is a lack of space at the terminal.

New cable junction boxes and glands for Ex zones 2 and 22 - with many advantages for the electrical specialist

Flexible, robust, and certified safety

Flexible Kabeleinführung

Flexible cable entry

Can be easily adapted to new installation situations on site

  • Smooth walls can be custom-drilled for cable entries.
  • Drill markings for easy positioning of the drill.
  • Depending on the box size a maximum of 7 to 10 cable entries can be created.
Flexible Klemmtechnik

Flexible terminal technology

allows plenty of space for wiring

  • Modern terminal technology with 2 terminal points per pole also combines different conductor cross sections and conductor types in a single pole.
  • Raised terminal for more space for wiring, even when the maximum number of conductors are installed
  • Variable positioning of the terminal in the housing according to the position of the cable entry.
  • Integrated wire protection and protection against loosening.
Einfache montage

Easy assembly

with plug-in external brackets

  • Plug-in external brackets always supplied.
  • Positions top / bottom / left / right freely selectable
  • Easy marking due to optimum accessibility
  • Slotted holes for perfect alignment

The new KX series junction boxes for the daily challenges on the construction site - flexible, fast and simple

Product range of junction boxes for Ex Zones 2 and 22

KX 0202 C
KX 0404 C
KX 0606 C
KX 1010 C

KX 0202 C

0,75-2,5 mm², Cu, 3~

KX 0404 C

1,5-4 mm², Cu, 3~

KX 0606 C

2,5-6 mm², Cu, 3~

KX 1010 C

4-10 mm², Cu, 3~

RX 0203 T
RX 0205 T
RX 0207 T
RX 0610 T
RX 0614 T

RX 0203 T

3x terminal block
up to 2,5 mm²

RX 0205 T

5x terminal block
up to 2,5 mm²

RX 0207 T

7x terminal block
up to 2,5 mm²

RX 0610 T

10x terminal block
up to bis 6 mm²

RX 0614 T

14x terminal block
up to 6 mm²

Tested in the system.

Matching HENSEL cable entries for cable junction boxes in the KX series.


AXM 20


AXM 25


AXM 32


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