Configurators and Apps

Configurators and Apps

ENYGUIDE - The 3D  Configurator for Mi- and ENYSTAR distribution boards


The intuitive 3D planning tool ENYGUIDE supports electrical specialists in the planning, project planning and ordering of HENSEL ENYSTAR and Mi Distribution boards.

The professional planning aid plots the distribution board as precise 3-dimensional image or final customers and/or the user or as 2-dimensional drawing for the assembler. The user can differentiate between different levels of equipping, covers and doors.

ENYEXPERT - More knowledge in your hand


Always be up-to-date on the go. In addition to useful information, the Hensel app offers simple and practical tools to make your everyday work easier.

  • Data slide / data disc
    Determination of conductor cross-section and length

Available for Android and iOS (free of charge).

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