Cable Junction Boxes with PE inlay

Cable junction boxes with PE inlay

Fast and safe connection of steel wire armoured cables (SWA)

Installation example: armoured cables with GSC glands and non-armoured cables with ASS glands are quickly and safely connected in one cable junction box.

Steel wire armoured cables can be quickly and safely inserted and connected in Hensel cable junction boxes using GSC glands and are thus protected up to IP 66 / IP 68. The armouring of the cable is electrically connected via the GSC gland and the built-in PE inlay. Using an included PE bridge, even non-armoured cables can be easily connected to armoured cables in one cable junction box.

Thermoplastic Cable Junction Boxes

For industrial and commercial buildings and outdoor installation

Thermoplastics cable junction boxes offer many advantages over traditional metal junction boxes.
Ease of installation, lighter material with comparable strength to metal, cost savings and longer durability.
Thermoplastics also offer greater flexibility of design whilst staying RUST FREE in harsher environments.

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